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The Workplace Post COVID-19

“The Experts’ Assessment: The Workplace Post-COVID-19 Study”: 

  • Assesses the current challenges and future priorities to help organizations and members prepare for a new, future status quo. 

  • Helps you prepare for the future by harvesting and analyzing the insights of industry-leading subject matter experts (SMEs). 

  • Presents SMEs’ perspectives on 24 questions (presented in thematic sections) and synthesizes the findings. 

The study was based on the real-time Delphi methodology, in which industry-leading SMEs from around the world engaged in a month-long consensus-seeking debate, using quantitative and qualitative methods. The survey ran from July-August 2020, and 248 SMEs participated. 

The results point toward significant shifts in how organizations will operate in the future. These shifts will require complex adaptations within enterprises.